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Long Ribbon BackPack 商品编号: 111-9403-0
价格: 6,900 日本円 ( ≈ 49.69 USD)*

Very popular! !! Classic long ribbon backpack. A glitter bijou is attached to the center of the ribbon. Since the legs of the ribbon hang down for a long time, it is a backpack with a cute rear view when you carry it on your back. The ribbon is removable, so you can arrange it according to your outfit.

White(101) Free
Black(104) Free
Pink(110) Free
Deep Pink(111) Free

* 备注 * * 商品价格为日元(外币仅供参考)。 * 此价格不包括国际运费。

Material(Main body) Synthetic leather: 100% (Attached part) Polyester: 100%
Item Number111-9403-0
Country of origin: Made in China