Terms of Use

LIZ LISA CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is operating the online shopping site "Tokyo Kawaii Life" (hereinafter referred to as "our site"), and provides services through operation and management (Hereinafter referred to as "the Service") through Terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "this terms of use") and is operated as follows.
Those who use this service are subject to accepting all the terms of this agreement, so be sure to carefully read this agreement before registering.

These Terms apply to the use of this service between members (defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1) and the Company, and are the terms of registration procedures and compliance after registration.
By notifying the members of this agreement by posting on the site, e-mail etc. in a manner that we deem appropriate, new provisions can be added and changed without prior approval of the members.
If this agreement is changed, the members shall comply to the changed terms.

"Membership" means individuals who have approved all of the terms of this agreement, applied for member registration in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the company, and approved by the Company.The membership registration procedure shall be performed by the person who wishes to register as a member in accordance with the method specified by the Company from the member registration page of this service. Registration by proxy is not permitted at all.
We may refuse registration or cancel the registration once made without prior notice if the person applying for member registration falls under any of the following reasons.

  1. When it turns out that it is receiving a disposition such as cancellation of membership registration etc., for example due to violation of the terms relating to any service provided by our company.
  2. When a false item is included in the application for membership registration.
  3. Delay in fulfillment of payment obligation such as fees for goods or services (hereinafter referred to as "goods, etc.") and other defaults.
  4. When conducting the act of Article 6 (prohibited matter) of this agreement.
  5. In the case of violation of the other terms.
  1. In the event that a change has occurred with respect to all or part of the contents of the registration information, the member shall immediately change the registration contents in a manner specified separately by the Company.
  2. In the event that such notice is neglected, the processing based on the information already registered will be made appropriate and valid.
  3. In addition, we can not be made responsible for any damage caused by the absence of change registration.
  1. Members shall bear all responsibility for the use and management of user IDs and passwords set by the member himself / herself and registered when registering membership.
  2. When a member purchases goods by credit card, it uses a credit card in the name of the principal owner.
  3. Members shall not assign, succeed, nominate, lend, disclose or disclose user ID and password to a third party.
  4. We are not responsible for any damages arising from the use or administration of the member's user ID and password or credit card number or due to unauthorized use by third parties.

If the member wants to withdraw from membership, the member himself should delete the member information. With the completion of the withdrawal procedure prescribed by our company, it will be withdrawn.

  1. In using this service, members shall not perform the acts of the following items.

    1. Acts that violate these Terms and Regulations, Acts that lead to crime, Acts contrary to public order and morals, or acts that might cause them.
    2. An act of entering false contents or information of a third party at the time of member registration or change of registered contents.
    3. Any act that hinders the operation of this service and may interfere with this service.
    4. Acts that infringe other members and third parties or the Company's intellectual property such as the property, privacy, copyright, etc., other rights, or acts that may be possibly infringed.
    5. Any other members or third parties, infriginging rights such as acts of defamation, dishonouring acts to the Company, or by actions.
    6. Actions that cause other members and third parties, or our company to inconvenience, disadvantage, damages, or acts infriging members rights.
    7. Act of using the user ID and password illegally.
    8. Purchase for commercial purposes, such as resale to peers.
    9. Other acts judged by our company as inappropriate.
  1. Copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of any content (text, illustrations, designs, photos, images, logos, icons, images, programs etc.) provided through this service are all attributable to the Company, members and users shall not act to infringe these rights.
  2. Any act of using (copying, modifying, diversion, transfer, distribution, posting, selling, publishing, etc.) the content of this service and other contents of publication or any part thereof without permission is strictly prohibited regardless of purpose.
  3. In the event of a problem with a third party in violation of the provisions of this section, the member shall solve such problems in its responsibility and cost and shall not give any damage, loss or disadvantage to the Company.
  1. Members can purchase products etc from our company by using this service.
  2. When purchasing products, the members shall apply for purchase pursuant to the method designated by the Company.
  3. A sales contract concerning the products is established between the member and the Company when the processing of accepting the application under the preceding paragraph is completed by the Company and an e-mail notifying that the product has been shipped from the Company is sent to the member.
  4. Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, even after it is concluded that a sales contract concerning the said goods etc has been established, if it is found out that a fraudulent act or inappropriate act was made by the member concerning the use of this service, or is strongly suspected in the event of circumstances, the Company shall be able to cancel and take other appropriate measures for the relevant sales contract at the discretion of the Company. The same shall apply when it is found that there is a clear misstatement in the selling conditions of the goods etc, which we have presented in this service.
  5. Application for purchase shall be done by the member herself/himself. Even if a third party acts on behalf of the principal or purchases goods etc. by lending the name of the member, all rights and obligations arising from the purchase of goods etc. shall be borne by the member.
  6. Acts contrary to public order and morals, acts in violation of laws and regulations, or acts that infrige them.
  7. Other acts that we deem inappropriate.
  1. The shipping fee related to the delivery of goods etc., and the cash on delivery commission when the member specifies the cash on delivery method are all borne by the member. The payment amount of goods etc is the total price of consumption tax including consumption tax, handling fee involved in this and shipping fee and consumption tax related to these fees.
  2. With regard to payment of products purchased by this service, payment by credit card in the name of the member herself/himself or payment by cash on delivery when delivering goods etc. shall be made.
  3. In the case of payment by credit card, the member shall comply with the terms separately contracted with the credit card company. If a dispute arises between a member and a third party such as a credit card company or the like, both parties concerned shall resolve the dispute and the Company shall not bear any responsibility.
  1. As for returns / exchanges of goods, we will accept only in case we receive a contact form through «return guide · exchange contact≫ described in «Usage Guide» within 7 days after delivery of goods, according to regulations separately specified by our company.
  2. The member shall return the goods in accordance with procedures separately specified by the Company.
  3. As for shipping fee for returning / exchanging, we will pay only for reasons that should be attributed to our company's defects such as defective items or misdelivery. We will not accept any returns or exchanges due to the convenience of members other than the preceding item (size is not suitable, image is different, etc.).
  4. To the member who wishes to exchange, we will ship as soon as the goods arrive at our company, as soon as the corresponding item is ready.
  5. If it is impossible to exchange due to out of stock etc, we will correspond with refund. Refund method shall be in accordance with regulations separately prescribed.
  1. The warranty for the goods sold or traded in this service shall conform to the contents of the attached warranty unless otherwise stated.
  2. Regarding the item images that are posted, we are trying to be as accurate as possible, but colors and sizes may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the screen setting and photography technique.
  3. Regarding the quality, performance, compatibility with other products and other defects, and damage, loss, and disadvantage caused by these products, we are not subject to the provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article. As such, we assume no warranty or responsibility.
  4. We shall not be made responsible for any troubles caused by delivery destination unknown etc arising after delivering the product to the delivery company contracted by the Company, and requesting the delivery of the product to the destination registered by the member.
  1. We will use the obtained member information for the following purposes. In addition, we may consign to the outsourcing company selected by our company to achieve its purpose of use.
    ・Management of this service member and user
    ・Issuance of mail magazine
    ・Point service
    ・Introduction of our products etc., advertisement, promotion, sales solicitation
    ・Shipping of goods
    ・Customer support
    ・Planning campaigns, conducting surveys
    ・In order to provide content related to this service
    ・Marketing activities after processing to an unidentifiable state principle
  2. The Company will not disclose and provide the disclosed member information to third parties without prior consent of the members in the member registration process and subsequent change registration of the member information.
    However, in the following cases, we will be able to disclose and provide these membership information without prior consent of the member.
    ・When processed into a state that can not identify members as statistical data
    ・When you are requested to disclose or provide membership information based on laws and regulations
    ・With respect to the comments and other information transmitted by the member after accepting the use of the service Company, the Company may obviously damage other members, third parties, or our company's honor or credit, or violate laws and ordinances If the company deems it necessary, the member can delete this without notice or change the placement place.
    ・In addition to the preceding three paragraphs, we shall deal with membership information acquired pursuant to the "Personal Information Protection Policy" specified separately.

When using this service, our comapny agrees in advance to this agreement and the "personal information protection policy" separately specified by us.

  1. When urgent maintenance and inspection is necessary due to a trouble of a computer system (hereinafter referred to as "system") for providing this service.
  2. When fire, power outage, natural disasters and other force majeure makes system operation difficult.
  3. When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to an artificial disaster (war, riot, disturbance, labor dispute, etc.).
  4. When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to disturbing acts etc. by a third party.
  5. In addition, if we decide that it is inevitable that we need to stop the system.
  1. We shall not be liable for any damage caused to the member by processing the affairs according to the user's registered contents.
  2. Regarding the damage caused to the members due to damages caused by interruption, retardation, cancellation, etc. of the system, and damage caused by falsification of the web page, as a result of failure of communication lines, computers, etc. despite the Company taking reasonable safety measures, we can not be made responsible at all.
  3. Our compnay does not guarantee that harmful items such as computers and viruses are not included in mail / contents sent from our webpage · server · domain etc.
  4. Our company may provide information and advice to members as appropriate, but we can not be made responsible for that.
  5. Our company is not responsible for any damages, etc. caused by members violating these Terms.
  6. When a member gives damage to another member or third party by using this service, the member resolves in its own responsibility and expenses, and any damage to the Company shall not be given.

This agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of Japan, and in the event of the necessity of litigation concerning this agreement, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial court.

Established April 1, 2014

Points Terms of Service

This agreement is based on LIZ LISA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), a Tokyo Kawaii Life operator, to provide a point service (hereinafter referred to as " "This Service") is to provide its terms and conditions to provide. Regarding matters not stipulated in this agreement regarding this service, the membership agreement will be applied.

Our company will grant "points" when purchasing goods etc. on the website Tokyo Kawaii Life (hereinafter referred to as "this site"). Our Company will decide and announce to the member the transactions subject to point grant (hereinafter referred to as "target transaction"), the grant rate of points, and other conditions for granting points. Whether or not to be awarded points, the grant rate of points, and the expiration date may differ depending on purchased products.
Points will be granted after a certain period of time specified by the Company after the target transaction has been carried out.
If the Company confirms that there was a cancellation, return for the subject transaction within this period, points will not be granted to the target transaction, and if there is a price change in the subject transaction, the purchase price after change It is granted according to the new price. The final decision on whether to grant points for a certain transaction, the number of points to be granted, and other point grants shall be made by the Company and the member shall follow it. Apart from points that usually have a one-year validity point, we may grant special points for a limited time (which we can use within a period specially designated by our company for specific products etc.).

Our company will announce the number of points earned by the member, the number of points used by the member and the balance of the points on the My Page of the member by the method prescribed by our company. If there are doubts on the number of points in the preceding paragraph, the member shall immediately contact the Company and explain its contents. The final decision on the number of points in paragraph 1 shall be made by the Company, and the member shall follow it.

Members can not transfer or place points owned to other members or share points among members. If one member has multiple membership registration, the members can not add points held in each member registration.

In the event that we have returned points, cancellations or any other reasons we deem that it is appropriate to cancel the grant of points, we can cancel the points granted by the applicable transaction. If the Company determines that the member falls under any of the following items, the Company may cancel the part or all of the points owned by the member without notifying the member in advance.

  1. In case of illegal or fraudulent activity
  2. In the case of violation of these terms, membership agreement, others, rules and rules stipulated by the Company
  3. Moreover, when we judge that it is appropriate to cancel the points granted to the member by the Company If the member does not complete the relevant transaction beyond the period specified by the Company, the points will automatically be extinguished. We will not compensate for any points canceled or extinguished, and will not bear any responsibility.

Members shall pay all or part of the settlement fee (including commodity price, shipping fee, commission or consumption tax, same hereunder) on this site at the conversion rate stipulated by the Company in accordance with the method prescribed by the Companyt.
We may restrict products that are subject to point usage, and we may put conditions on point usage. In principle, if the member cancels the payment, the points used for that settlement will be refunded and will not be refunded by cash. If the member uses the points for payment of the full settlement price and then the settlement price is reduced for some reason, the points will be refunded in accordance with the preceding paragraph. If the member uses points for part payment of the settlement price and then the settlement fee is reduced for some reason, then the payment by the other payment method is carried out first, but even if the amount required to return is still insufficient and in that case, the points will be refunded in accordance with the preceding paragraph concerning the deficiency amount. If the settlement price is increased due to circumstances after the member uses the points for payment of the settlement price, the member shall pay the increase by the other payment method.

In the case of an accident such as delay, loss, theft, damage, damage, etc. occurs during delivery or after delivery of the goods subject to settlement in Article 6 or the benefit under the preceding article, unless the accident is the responsibility of the company , We are not responsible at all and refund points will not be accepted.

If the points are canceled based on Article 5 after the member has used the points for settlement under Article 6, the transactions subject to such settlement (hereinafter referred to as "point use transactions") shall be canceled or suspended. The member shall immediately pay cash or the payment method designated by the Company to the Company if the point use transaction has been executed or is about to be executed, the deficit amount due to point cancellation.

Members can not cash points in any case.

The use of points shall be done by the member herself/himself, and can not be done by a third party other than the member. If the Company confirms that the user ID and password entered at the time of shopping are registered, it is deemed to be used by the member. Even if it is a misappropriation by a third party, we will not refund points used and we will not be held liable for any damages caused to members.

In the event that taxes and supplementary expenses occur with the acquisition of points and the use of points, the members shall bear these costs.

In the event that a member loses the status of a member, she/he shall lose the points possessed, the right to exchange privileges and any other rights related to the use of this service, and in the event of any claim to the Company due to the loss of status, our company will not acquire this right.

The company commit to do its best by assuming the state of the art technology at the time of operation of this service, but we do not guarantee that no obstruction will occur. We are not liable for any damages arising in connection with this service with respect to the service interruption / delay / discontinuation of the system due to failure of the communication line or computer etc, disorder of data loss, point usage, damage caused by unauthorized access to the data, We assume no responsibility.

We will not change the terms of this agreement, the content of this service or the terms of this service provision change (abolition of points, suspension of point granting, change in transactions, change in points granting rate or utilization rate) and may terminate or suspend this service. The member shall acknowledge this beforehand. Even if we suffer disadvantage or damage to members due to the change in the preceding paragraph, we can not be made responsible for any of these.

Established April 1, 2014