• PINK(110)
  • DEEP PINK(111)
  • BLACK(104)
Message 2 Pieces Set Clips 商品编号: 105-9208-0
价格: 2,900 日本円 ( ≈ 27.70 USD)*

Long ribbon clips with a cute combination of original message print ribbon and lace details. We added cute pearl details and a swaying heart charm.

Black(104) Free
Pink(110) Free
Deep Pink(111) Free

* 备注 * * 商品价格为日元(外币仅供参考)。 * 此价格不包括国际运费。

MaterialMetal, polyester, acrylic
MeasurementsUp to 10.0 cm next to the ribbon 11.5 cm below the ribbon
Item Number105-9208-0
Country of origin: Made in China

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