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RESTOCKED! Bijou Strap Double Ribbon Pumps 商品编号: 115-9601-0
价格: 9,800 日本円 ( ≈ 86.72 USD)*

Cross strap heel pumps with cute ribbon and heart bijou. The cute point is the heart bijou on the strap and the plump three-dimensional ribbon. One of the ribbons is a clip, so you can attach it wherever you like. The heel is also lace-up design, making it a cute pump even when viewed from behind. The heels are thick and stable, so these pumps are comfortable to wear.

Black(104) S
Black(104) M
Black(104) L
Pink(110) S
Pink(110) M
Pink(110) L

* 备注 * * 商品价格为日元(外币仅供参考)。 * 此价格不包括国际运费。

Material(Body) Synthetic leather (Lining) Synthetic leather
Measurements(S size) Foot length: 22.5 cm, heel height: 10 cm, front thickness: 3.2 cm (M size) Foot length: 23.5 cm, heel height: 10 cm, front thickness: 3.3 cm (L size) Foot length: 24.5 cm, heel height: 10.2 cm, L 3.4 cm
Item Number115-9601-0
Sole Length22.5cm23.5cm24.5cm
Toe thickness3.2cm3.3cm3.4cm
Heel height10.0cm10.0cm10.2cm
Country of origin: Made in China

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