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Mask Ribbon Clip 商品编号: 107-9212-0
价格: 2,900 日本円
2,030 日本円 ( ≈ 18.00 USD)*

A long ribbon clip that hooks onto the mask string. Hooking the hook on the strap of the mask makes will avoid your ears feel pain, and even larger masks have a better fit. Since the string part with the hook is removable, you can use it as a ribbon clip when you are not wearing a mask. The swaying ribbon and heart bijou charm are the cute points.

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* 备注 * * 商品价格为日元(外币仅供参考)。 * 此价格不包括国际运费。

MaterialMetal / polyester / acrylic
MeasurementsRibbon width 14.0cm / ribbon bottom 17.0cm
Item Number107-9212-0
Country of origin: Made in China

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