LIZ LISAChouchouette
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【ChouchouEtte】Bunny Moco Hoodie Item Number: 213-3001-0
Price: 7,900 JPY ( ≈ 54.66 USD)*

A cute marshmallow knit hoodie with a large hood with a rabbit. The hood has a lace ribbon, which makes it a cute design even when wearing the hood. With a loose and loose silhouette, this hoodie is perfect for relaxing. The sleeves are volume sleeves, and the point is that they are a little longer.

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Material(Body) Polyester: 100% (Lace ribbon) Nylon: 100% (Satin ribbon) Polyester: 100%
MeasurementsLength: 65.5 cm, Shoulder width: 54 cm, Width: 57 cm, Hem width: 47 cm, Top width: 22 cm, Sleeve length: 53 cm, Cuffs: 9.5 cm, Hood length: 42 cm, Hood width: 32 cm
Item Number213-3001-0
Country of origin: Made in China