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Pearl Ribbon U shaped hair pins set Item Number: 193-9207-0
Price: 2,700 JPY
1,080 JPY ( ≈ 10.02 USD)*

Ribbons and pearls U shaped hair pins. The ribbon has cute charms such as hearts, shells and stars. Just put the pins in your cute braided hair to transform your hair cutely. Also nice for special days or events such as concerts and weddings etc.


* NOTE * * The item price is in Japanese Yen (foreign currency is shown as a reference only). * The price does not include international shipping fees.

MaterialMetal polyester acrylic
MeasurementsFree: Pin length 6 cm / organ ribbon 6 cm / grosgrain ribbon 5.5 cm
Item Number193-9207-0
Country of origin: Made in China

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