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RESTOCKED! Platform Ribbon Sneakers Item Number: 113-9606-0
Price: 7,900 JPY ( ≈ 50.32 USD)*

The popular platform sneakers are back! The big ribbon and frills are cute. The platform design with little height difference makes it easy to walk. Summer-like white is now available in NEW color.

White(101) M
Black(104) M
Pink(110) M
White(101) L
Black(104) L
Pink(110) L

* NOTE * * The item price is in Japanese Yen (foreign currency is shown as a reference only). * The price does not include international shipping fees.

MaterialUppers: synthetic fiber Ribbons: synthetic fiber Soles: synthetic soles
Measurements(Size M) Foot length: 23.5cm, Wise: 21.7cm, Front thickness: 4.0cm, Heel height: 6.3cm (Size L) Foot length: 24.0cm, Wise: 22.0cm, Front thickness: 4.1cm, Heel height: 6.5cm
Item Number113-9606-0
Sole LengthMlengthLlength
Shoe Circum-
Sole WidthMwidthLwith
Country of origin: Made in China