LIZ LISAChouchouette
  • Gray(103)
  • Pink(110)
Belt Check Shirt One-piece Item Number: 111-6002-0
Price: 7,900 JPY
5,530 JPY ( ≈ 58.85 AUD)*

A long length Glen check shirt with a cute loose silhouette. It comes with a feminine belt, so you can wear it as a dress by closing the front and wearing a belt, or as a outer shirt by opening the front. We also recommend coordinated with shorts (111-5002-0) of the same fabric ♪ Message embroidery is included on the sleeves.

Gray(103) Free
Pink(110) Free

* NOTE * * The item price is in Japanese Yen (foreign currency is shown as a reference only). * The price does not include international shipping fees.

Material(Gray 103 colors) (main body) polyester: 65%, rayon: 35% (pink 110 colors) (main body) polyester: 100%
MeasurementsLength: 84.5 cm, Shoulder width: 61 cm, Bust: 125 cm, Hem width: 70 cm, Top width: 17 cm, Collar width: 5.8 cm + Frills: 1.5 cm, Sleeve length: 55 cm, Cuff width: 12 cm
Item Number111-6002-0
Country of origin: Made in China